Cooling Systems

Wet Cooling Systems

Karrena provides complete in-house design and construction services for wet cooling tower systems including design, engineering, field erection, inspection, maintenance, and a wide array of aftermarket parts and services. 


  • Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers
  • Natural Draft Cooling Towers
  • Cooling Tower Parts & Components
  • -  Fan Assemblies
  • -  Gears
  • -  Drive Shafts
  • -  Torque Tube Supports
  • -  Fill Media

Karrena Cooling Systems performs independent, objective evaluations to determine the best products and equipment to be used for each individual cooling system

In-house Licensed Professional Engineers:

  • Evaluate Your Cooling Equipment
  • Maximize Reliability
  • Optimize Energy Efficiency

Personalized Service:

  • Staff with more than 50 years of practical
    experience in cooling technologies
  • Strong reputation for integrity, quality, and safety
mechanical draft cooling tower