Ceramic Welding

One of the key concerns for plant operation managers is minimizing shutdown time. A furnace should operate with as little shutdown time as possible and the lifetime of the furnace should last as long as possible. Therefore, ceramic welding on hot repairs is extremely important. This technology applies largely to the glass industry and coke ovens. The objective is to prolong the lifetime of glass furnaces and coke batteries through the best technical approach while considering the most cost-effective solutions.

At Karrena we focus on technology, quality, reliability, flexibility, creative thinking and providing a service contract that gives our customers complete service and reliability.

Karrena’s Ceramic Welding Services Include:

  • Inspection
  • Ceramic Welding
  • External Hot Repairs
  • Opening and Closing of Regenerators and Furnaces
  • Furnace Inspections
  • Refractory Cutting
  • Regenerator Cleaning
  • Furnace Inspections & Reporting
  • Cleaning