Rope Access & Inspections

Rope Access Inspections

Karrena's rope access inspection techniques includes the following stages:

  • Planning the work to be conducted, including potential risk assessment and establishment of the corresponding prevention measures
  • Installation of anchoring and progression points
  • Ascent and descent progress to and from operating level
  • Positioning at working level
  • Conducting the specific works
  • Post-operation break
  • Removal of anchoring and progression systems unless regular activity asks for them to be permanent


Inspection Reports Include:

  • Brief summary of the background of the structure to be inspected
  • Description of the existing status/condition of structure to be inspected
  • Identification of critical areas
  • Checklist of inspection points
  • Damage map of the structure inspected
  • Sclerometer tests (concrete strength test)
  • Sonic tests
  • pH determination of the concrete (carbonation)
  • Causal analysis of observed defects
  • Recommendations for maintenance
  • Feasibility and evaluation of solution options
  • Economic valuation by work units of the possible recommendations including concept, measurement, price
  • Photo report
  • Video report
rope-access inspections
rope access inspections
rope-access inspection
rope-access inspection