Renewable Projects | Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Plants

Karrena is an expert in the execution of renewable projects and in the construction of electricity generation plants. Our Renewables Division focuses on large-scale photovoltaic plant projects, carrying out the entire EPC process. This involves the design and engineering, procurement, and field construction of a large-scale photovoltaic solar plant. This allows our clients to obtain a turnkey solution from a single source. Additionally, we also develop medium-sized and small solar plants for the industrial and domestic sectors, providing the same services.

A New Way of Understanding the Solar Energy Market

Photovoltaic solar energy is obtained by converting the sun’s rays into electricity through the movement of electrons. Photovoltaic panels contain electrons, and when these enter in to contact with the photons from solar radiation they start moving, generating energy in a sustainable, renewable, and unlimited manner.

The sun is the greatest source of clean energy we have, although this is only one of the many benefits that solar energy provides:

  • It is sustainable, renewable, and unlimited
  • It is abundant and universal; anyone can produce electricity
  • It is economical, and will be even more-so in the next few years thanks to the changes taking place in costs

This form of energy is expanding fast. In recognition of this major transformation, Karrena has developed a value proposition aimed at the photovoltaic market.


Project: Kaixo Photovoltaic Solar Plant
Location: Mexico
Installed Power: 65.000 kW
Panels: 204,060 photovoltaic panels installed
Extension: 2,000,000 m2 (200 football fields)

Project: Mata de Palma Photovoltaic Solar Plant
Location: Dominican Republic
Installed Power: 66.800 kW
Panels: 200,694 photovoltaic panels installed
Extension: 90,000 m2

mata de palma photovoltaic solar plant
kaixo photovoltaic solar plant