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Techniques & Safety

Karrena has developed a system and trained teams specializing in access and positioning techniques by means of personal suspension equipment specific to work at height with rope access techniques.


Work at height with rope access techniques is based on the use of anchor lines, anchor systems, fall-arrest and progression equipment to ensure safe access at any level along with all accessory equipment necessary to carry out the specific work required.

This system is applied in scenarios where traditional systems (such as scaffolding) present technical or safety risks. This has progressively granted us a position as a leading company where high-risk work backed by top safety conditions is concerned.

We can quickly and efficiently establish rope access methods that rely on our proven experience with specialized techniques that have been developed as a result of varied (and sometimes unique) structural configurations.

Rope access technique includes the following stages:

  • Planning the work to be conducted, including potential risk assessment and establishment of the corresponding prevention measures
  • Installation of anchoring and progression points
  • Ascent and descent progress to and from operating level
  • Positioning at working level
  • Conducting of the specific works
  • Post-operation break
  • Removal of anchoring and progression systems unless regular activity asks for them to be permanent


Karrena's rope access teams and equipment are held to the highest standards in the industry through recognized safe practices as well as development and deployment of site specific safety plans. Our rope access technicians receive ongoing advanced safety training. Our personnel and techniques adhere to Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and/or ASTM International (American Society for Testing & Materials) standards.

rope access techniques & safety
rope-access techniques & safety
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