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Thermal Imaging

Karrena develops and maintains client relationships based upon trust, safety, reliability, and quality. We are proud of our established reputation as experts in our field.

Thermal Imaging - Hot Camera Services Include:

Our in-house engineering team can design radial brick chimneys, steel stacks, reinforced concrete chimneys, FRP structures or new lining systems, and many other associated structures. Karrena can help our customers define the best solutions for their specific condition.

Equipped with an HD FLIR camera, our thermographers can perform condition-based maintenance surveys on any chimney, breeching, refractory insulation, rotary kiln, steam trap, tank/vessel, and many other applications.

Karrena offers a Hot Camera System that allows internal inspections to be completed while a unit is on-line preventing physical entrance of equipment until video can be reviewed determining safe conditions.

hot camera inspections
hot camera inspection
hot camera thermal imaging
hot camera thermal inspection