Rope Access & Inspections

Inspection Services

Karrena offers complete inspection services with expert certified inspectors with  API and AWS Inspector Certifications.

Karrena’s Certified Inspectors:

  • Certified API 936 Refractory Inspection
  • Certified API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection
  • Certified API 579 Piping Inspection
  • Certified API 653 Tank Inspection
  • Rope Access Inspection

Inspection Services Include:

  • FCCU / MSCCU / RCCU / Other
  • SRU / Thermal Reactors / Converters / Incinerators / Cement and Lime Kilns / Heaters /Furnaces
  • We assist clients with refractory inspections covering all types of process equipment
  • On-stream maintenance inspections, also known as continuous run and maintain inspection services
  • AutoCAD software application that is used for both 2D and 3D design and drafting to create accurate isometrics of structures, piping and equipment
  • Comprehensive turnaround services, with innovative approach
  • Pre-turnaround planning, pre-turnaround inspections, turnaround execution and the Post-turn-around documentation

Detailed Inspection Reports Include:

  • Description of the existing status/condition of structure to be inspected
  • Identification of critical areas
  • Checklist of inspection points
  • Damage map of the structure inspected
  • Complete analysis of observed defects
  • Recommendations for maintenance
  • Feasibility and evaluation of solution options
  • Economic valuation by work units of potential recommendations
inspection services
inspection services
inspection services
inspection services